SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

GlycoVaxyn AG receives award towards Shigella vaccine

GlycoVaxyn AG announced on Monday that it has secured a Strategic Translation Award from the Wellcome Trust for its Shigella program.

The award will help GlycoVaxyn AG further develop its Shigella bioconjugate vaccine by funding for human safety and challenge studies. The studies will be done with healthy adults in order to make sure that the monovalent Shigella flexneri 2a vaccine is effective and safe.

"We are very honored to work with this prestigious global charitable foundation and proud to contribute to the development of a vaccine that addresses a critical medical need among millions around the world," Dr. Michael Wacker, chief scientific officer of GlycoVaxyn, said. "GlycoVaxyn has previously conducted a Phase 1 study in healthy volunteers on a single serotype Shigella conjugate vaccine. This collaboration will enable us to investigate a new vaccine against a different single serotype, moving this important program forward towards a broad acting vaccine that protects against multiple serotypes."

GlycoVaxyn's in vivo glycosylation technology enables the development of a complex multivalent Shigella vaccine for the first time. With this new technology, complexes of the antigenic surface polysaccharides and proteins can be synthesized in genetically engineered bacterial cells. This process helps keep manufacturing costs low.

"GlycoVaxyn is using highly innovative technology to break open new fields in vaccinology," Gordon Dougan, member of GlycoVaxyn's Scientific Advisory Board, said. "I am delighted to see them work together with the Wellcome Trust to apply this technology to vaccines for children suffering from dysentery."