Aethlon Medical receives patent for Hemopurifier

Aethlon Medical announced on Thursday that the European Patent Office granted its patent application entitled "Method of Removal of Viruses from Blood by Lectin Affinity Hemodial YSIS" for its Hemopurifier.

The patent is accepted in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Italy, France and Belgium. Aethlon also received a separate patent in the U.S. for its Hemopurifier, a blood pathogen removal machine. The unit specializes in the removal of immunosuppressive exosomes from the blood.

A study scheduled by Aethlon will test the efficacy of the Hemopurifier in patients with end stage renal disease from Hepatitis C. If successful, the unit will be approved for market clearance, making it available to treat HCV and potentially other diseases.

In addition to HCV, the Hemopurifier has also been tested for its efficacy in removing blood pathogens from cancer, sepsis and naive HIV patients. In general, most trials were found to be successful in removing some of the pathogens.

The Hemopurifier uses advanced lectin Galanthus nivalis agglutinin plasma membrane technology. The design is hospital-friendly and can also potentially be used as standard CRRT unites or for dialysis. The unit has a high probability to be effective in the treatment of many types of viral pathogens.