FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

MadgeTech releases new system to monitor vaccine temperature

MadgeTech, Inc., a Warner, New Hampshire-based data logging solutions company, announced the shipment on Wednesday of its Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System, a device used to remotely monitor temperature-sensitive vaccines.

The VTMS allows users to monitor temperatures to ensure compliance with the specific storage and handling instructions for medical observations and control. The device features an LCD screen to provide quick visual temperature data and an LED alarm indicator to notify users when the temperature is above of below the safe range. Alerts can be sent to a user via e-mail or text message, ensuring an immediate response to affirm the vaccines are not compromised.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines for the storage and temperature monitoring of refrigerated vaccines include an accuracy requirement of plus or minus 0.5 degree Celsius. The CDC also requires that a glycol-encased detachable probe should be used next to a digital data logger to prevent false alarms through the provision of temperature-buffered readings. The VTMS system comes standard with the CDC-required options.

The VTMS also uses two-way wireless technology, allowing for wireless data downloads to a central computer or for downloads at periodic intervals.

MadgeTech said the VTMS is an ideal system for continuous, remote monitoring of sensitive vaccines or pharmaceuticals in coolers, freezers and refrigerators.