SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Global Fund and Intel partner to support AIDS and malaria research

The Global Fund and Intel recently announced a partnership to support AIDS and malaria research by utilizing volunteer computing.

Volunteer computing is a process by which any person can donate a portion of their personal computer to a public interest research project's computing resources. By this process, a "virtual supercomputer" can be created for scientific research using the spare processing power on each computer collectively. With this increased processing power, scientists will be able to further their research studies on life-threatening and infectious disease, namely AIDS and malaria.

This new campaign, titled Progress Thru Processors, uses a specific app that volunteers can download to download the unused processing power of their personal computers to the cause. The app is free and runs in the background of the computer without affecting performance. The app download is available on the Global Fund's Facebook page.

Intel is the world's largest producer of semiconductor chips.