Plan Canada adds Spread the Net malaria campaign to list of projects

Plan Canada announced on Tuesday that it will be implementing Spread the Net, which provides African families with bed nets, into its portfolio of projects to fight malaria across Africa.

"Around the world, one child dies every sixty seconds because of malaria, although it's a preventable and treatable disease," Plan Canada President and CEO Rosemary McCarney said. "Plan has years of experience leading malaria prevention and treatment across Africa and we're grateful that Spread the Net will be joining us. By moving this program to Plan, we've increased our ability to both engage Canadians and prevent malaria across Africa."

More than 660,000 lives are lost annually due to malaria. The majority of the lives claimed belong to pregnant woman and children less than five years old. Simple bed nets, which cost $10 each to purchase and distribute, are one of the most effective ways to protect families from the mosquitoes who deliver this disease.

"As part of a strategic evolution of the incredible work already achieved in protecting children from malaria thanks to the amazing support of Canadians from coast-to-coast, I am so pleased that Plan Canada will now be leading the Spread the Net campaign," Spread the Net Co-founder Belinda Stronach said. "Plan Canada has been a partner with Spread the Net for the past two years and together we have distributed over 40,000 bed nets. This is an amazing accomplishment but there is much more work to be done if we are to end preventable malaria deaths and this evolution for Spread the Net will allow our supporters, past and future, new opportunities to join in the fight against malaria."

Plan Canada initiatives have touched more than 90,100 communities within the past five years.