Sequella acquires rights to Sutezolid

Sequella announced on Wednesday that it has acquired exclusive world rights to develop and commercialize Pfizer's Sutezolid.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sequella is solely responsible for completing clinical development and commercializing the product. The financial terms of this transaction are currently undisclosed.

Sutezolid is a Phase 2 oxazolidinone antibiotic that is in development. Sutezolid is being developed to battle tuberculosis, a common infectious disease cause by various strains of mycobacteria.

"We are delighted to bring in a second clinical-phase TB asset that may be paired with other TB drugs or with SQ109 our drug currently in Phase 2 studies for drug-sensitive TB in Africa and in a pivotal trial for multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB in Russia," Dr. Carol Nacy, CEO of Sequella, said. "These two drugs SQ109 and sutezolid could potentially anchor a totally new drug combination regimen to treat all forms of active TB disease. We will pursue development of sutezolid under its own NDA and also plan for combination studies in subsequent clinical trials."

In tests, Sutezolid showed potent antibacterial activity against mycobacteria present in the laboratory and in animal modes of TB. It also showed promising results in a Phase 2a Early Bactericidal Activity study, which was conducted on patients in South Africa.

"As Pfizer continues to concentrate our R&D resources where we believe we can have the greatest impact we have evolved our internal infectious disease focus from treatment to prevention through our leading expertise in vaccine technology" Rod MacKenzie, head of PharmaTherapeutics R&D at Pfizer, said. "Given the urgent patient need in TB we sought a partner for sutezolid that would bring deep expertise and a strong commitment to TB patients. We believe Sequella meets these criteria and offers a portfolio with the important potential for combination studies."