Adimmune Corporation completes Phase III trials on H7N9 influenza vaccine

Adimmune Corporation, a Taiwan-based vaccine developer, recently announced the successful completion of a Phase III clinical trial on an H7N9 influenza vaccine developed from a World Health Organization-approved virus strain.

An Adimmune company spokesperson said the company has the ability to produce three million units of preliminary H7N9 vaccines each month. In April, Steve Chan, the chairman of Adimmune, said the vaccine could be ready by May for clinical trials, AsianScientist reports.

Adimmune is seeking to complete the development of a preliminary vaccine for the H7N9 influenza virus by August using the WHO-approved virus strain. Following the completion of clinical trials, the vaccine could be put into mass production as early as November.

Peter Pan, an Adimmune spokesperson, said the vaccine could be manufactured after August in case of an outbreak, according to AsianScientist.

Pan said the amount of vaccine produced would also depend on how many vaccine units are needed by the Chinese government. It will also depend on the amount of assistance provided by the government in the development of the H7N9 vaccine.

According to the company's website, Adimmune is the only current good manufacturing practices human vaccines manufacturer in Taiwan. The company's products also include a Japanese encephalitis virus vaccine, a tuberculin purified protein derivative and a tetanus toxoid.