GAVI Alliance seeks strategy for inactivated polio vaccine initiative

The GAVI Alliance Board called for an analysis to determine the next direction for GAVI's vaccines on June 12 and asked the GAVI Secretariat to create a long-term strategy to support an inactivated polio vaccine initiative.

The analysis of GAVI's portfolio will look at the cost analysis, toleration level, potential benefit to underserved groups and outbreak prevention probability of a number of vaccines before determining which ones are the best investments for the upcoming year. GAVI has already determined it will research cholera, influenza in pregnant women, rabies, malaria and yellow fever to determine their benefit analyses.

The Polio Eradication Endgame Strategic Plan, which intends to eradicate polio by 2018, sparked the GAVI Alliance Board to request that the GAVI Secretariat analyze how GAVI can play a leading role towards inactivated polio vaccine becoming a routine immunization in underserved regions. The GAVI Secretariat is tasked with creating a strategic, long-term plan that does not negatively affect GAVI's current strategic objectives by November.

All analyses will be reviewed by the GAVI Alliance Board in November and final decisions on which vaccines to prioritize will be made at that time.