TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

Canada accepts award for its fight against TB

Minister for International Development Julian Fantino received an award on Wednesday on behalf of the Government of Canada for its continuing efforts to end tuberculosis.

Fantino accepted the award at the 23rd meeting of the coordinating board of the Stop TB Partnership. He also reaffirmed Canada's commitment to fight TB around the globe.

"Over the past decade, Canada has been a global leader in the fight against tuberculosis," Fantino said. "We are forging a future where tuberculosis is a thing of the past and where the most vulnerable can live healthier, safer and fuller lives.

Canada was one of the founding donors of the Stop TB Partnership. The Stop TB Partnership was founded in 2001 with the goal of serving anyone vulnerable to TB and to make sure high-quality treatment is available to those who need it.

"Thanks to the people of Canada, millions of lives have been saved and people who would otherwise have been forgotten have received quality TB care," Dr. Lucica Ditiu, executive secretary of the Stop TB Partnership, said. "Today, as we reach a critical point in the fight against TB, we recognize this contribution and welcome the Government of Canada's continued support."