Novavax announces positive results in RSV vaccine trial

Novavax, Inc., announced on Tuesday that it has seen positive results in Phase I clinical trials for its RSV vaccine.

The RSV vaccine is targeted at elderly people who are suffering from respiratory syncytial virus, which causes respiratory tract infections. While many RSV patients are infants and young children, an increasing number of elderly people contract the virus.

All subjects in the clinical trial were given the recombinant fusion protein nanoparticle vaccine candidate. These subjects showed an antibody response against RSV at 28 and 56 days after the immunization.

"These data provide further evidence that our RSV F nanoparticle vaccine is well-tolerated and immunogenic," Gregory Glenn, chief medical officer of Novavax, said. "As seen in our previous trials in younger subjects, the vaccine induced an important functional immune response in the palivizumab-like antibodies, as well as enhancing microneutralization antibodies to levels that are in excess of the range expected to reduce hospitalizations resulting from RSV."

Other positive results in the trials include increases in overall immune responses, anti-F immunoglobulin G antibody levels and Hemagglutination-inhibiting responses to the seasonal influenza vaccine.

"Protecting the elderly from respiratory ailments is an important part of both our RSV and our seasonal influenza vaccine development programs," Stan Erck, president and CEO of Novavax, said. "These data suggest a path forward for a Novavax combination RSV and seasonal influenza vaccine to improve the coverage for respiratory infections in elderly and high-risk adults."