MMRGlobal receives patent for cancer-fighting vaccine

MMRGlobal, Inc., announced on Monday that it was awarded a biotechnology patent in Hong Kong for a B-Cell vaccine to fight lymphoma and potentially other types of cancer.

MMR is due to receive the patent, numbered Hong Kong Patent No. 1052295B, this month for its "Method and Composition for Altering a B Cell Mediated Pathology" research. The patent is not the first of its kind, as MMR continuously conducts research in the fight against cancer. Currently, MMR has been issued or has applied for patents in the European Union, Mexico, Singapore, the U.S., Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan and Korea.

"Clearly, MMR's future is being built on our intellectual property assets patent by patent, which we believe will ultimately continue translating themselves into license agreements," MMR CEO Robert H. Lorsch said. "In less than two years, we had already entered into a $13 million licensing agreement with Big Pharma. Meanwhile, the Company is continuing to diligently concentrate its efforts on building both its biotech and health information technology patent portfolios. We are protecting our cancer fighting sciences while we invent health IT management systems to empower patients with cost-effective ways to better care for themselves and their family. Our IP covers an entire spectrum from cancer fighting science to personalized cost-effective health management systems."

To date, MMR has invested more than $100 million in cancer-fighting research and vaccine technology.