Indonesia's BPOM holds workshop on quality vaccine management

Indonesia's Agency for Food and Drug Control (BPOM) held a workshop on Sunday on quality management for vaccine manufacturing with member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

The BPOM workshop happened alongside the second meeting of vaccine and medicine manufacturers of OIC member states in Bandung. Fifty-seven OIC member countries attended the conference in Bandung. Nine of the members have already opened vaccine manufacturing facilities.

The BPOM workshop was intended to strengthen the OIC member states' National Regulation Authority functions across global markets. NRAs are responsible for ensuring that pharmaceuticals and biological products are evaluated and meet international standards of quality and safety.

Each country that wishes to manufacture vaccines must meet six control functions consistently and independently, while having an authority to enforce its execution. The six functions include requirements for licensing, surveillance of the performance of the vaccine field, system for lot release, laboratory use, regular inspections for good manufacturing practices and clinical performance evaluations.

During the workshop, Indonesian representatives and OIC members were able to hear from other successful vaccine manufacturers, such as Bio Pharma, This gave them useful information on how to have a successful manufacturing plant in their respective countries.