New technology will merge state and private EMR systems

Scientific Technologies Corporation announced on Friday the release of ImmsLink 3.4, which enables state immunization information systems and physicians' Electronic Medical Record systems to merge.

The program was developed due to the increasing difficulty of tracking of patient immunization records if they moved from facility to facility.

ImmsLink 3.4 is a biodirectional secure HL7-compliant software which earned the 2014 Edition Meaningful Use modular certification from the federal HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. This certification means ImmsLink 3.4 meets the standards and criteria for Meaningful Use Stage 2 for data exchange between public health immunization systems, including Medicare and Medicaid.

"The ImmsLinke product has allowed our practice to reconcile immunizations from the state registry with our EHR," Angela Powell, who uses the system in her practice, said. "The form is easy to use, can be customized to your practice, and allows for complete documentation of the required component for the state registry. Once the process was learned by our staff, it saves time and simplifies the charting of immunizations in the EHR and state registry."

ImmsLink 3.4 met the 2014 Edition requirements for the Ambulatory Setting: 170.314(f)(2) Transmission to immunization registries and 170.314(g)(4) Quality management system. It is currently available for GE Centricity's EMR and is being developing for other record systems.