BD Medical launches prefillable glass syringe

BD Medical, a medical technology company, launched its prefillable glass syringe system on Monday, the BD Neopak, which addresses developmental, manufacturing and marketing challenges of biopharmaceutical injectable drugs.

"In today's environment, regulatory authorities, patients and prescribers demand higher quality and more reliability in injectable drug delivery systems," BD Medical President Claude Dartiguelongue said. "The BD Neopak Glass Prefillable Syringe is designed to reduce risks associated with primary container and drug interactions and enable our customers' drug products speed to market safely and effectively."

The system was engineered to reduce glass-to-glass contact, which decreases visual defects and increases glass strength. It also reduces the use of silicone while keeping glide force functionality intact. The system also reduces waste and overfilling with its new efficient design.

BD Medical also developed a technology for sensitive drugs, called BD XSi, which uses silicone and ultralow tungsten technology to maintain syringe functionality and reducing sub-visible particles. The needles they've developed also are easier on the patient and ensure reliable flow for all drug formulas.

BD Medical offers its clients assessment services and regulatory expertise to support use of its product with a wide range of biological drugs.