IAVI gives statement on World AIDS Vaccine Day

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative gave a statement on Saturday, which was World AIDS Vaccine Day, that said it is still committed to the quest for an AIDS vaccine.

IAVI is a global not-for-profit public-private partnership that works to accelerate the development of vaccines to prevent HIV and AIDS. IAVI researches and develops vaccine candidates and acts as an advocate for the HIV prevention field.

In its statement, IAVI said it was still committed to its goal, which began 13 years ago when world leaders established the Millennium Development Goals. IAVI went on to say that even though there has been significant scientific and economic challenges, it has made remarkable progress.

"This day, we remember that there still exists a pressing need for such a vaccine as part of a comprehensive response to the pandemic," IAVI said. "An HIV vaccine has the real potential to address the needs of these vulnerable groups. If deployed with other preventive tools, such vaccines could help reduce new infections to nearly zero in the long term."

IAVI also said that vaccine development is not easy and that most vaccines only come after decades of laboratory and clinical research.

"Perseverance will be rewarded," IAVI said. "Most HIV researchers now believe that the pertinent question is not whether an AIDS vaccine can be developed, but when that will happen, and how quickly such a vaccine will be rolled out."