Cobra Biologics signs DNA vaccine agreement with Vaccibody

Cobra Biologics, an international contract manufacturing organization of biologics and pharmaceuticals, announced an agreement on Tuesday with biotech Vaccibody AS to manufacture a DNA vaccine candidate against HPV-induced malignancies.

Cobra Biologics will contribute its cost-effective platform process to deliver a program of host strain generation, good manufacturing practice cell banking, clinical trials supply and plasmid DNA production.

"Cobra has been manufacturing plasmid therapeutics and DNA vaccines for more than 14 years and I am delighted that we are able to announce the partnership with Vaccibody," Peter Coleman, the CEO of Cobra Biologics, said. "Our DNA platform process is based on Cobra's pioneering heritage in gene therapy manufacturing and technology development that we have successfully used for over 30 customers."

Vaccibody's technologies uses the interplay between tissue, antigen presenting cells, T-cells and B-cells to develop targeted vaccines meant to induce longer-lasting and stronger immune responses than standard vaccines. The platform technology enables the tailored development of enhanced prophylactic vaccines and therapeutic vaccines against cancers and chronic infections.

"With the significantly effective preclinical results VB 10.16 has shown, we are delighted now to take the next step towards clinical trials with Cobra Biologics as our manufacturing partner," Ole Henrik Brekke, the CEO of Vaccibody, said.