CDC collaborates with NanoPass Technologies on Phase III polio vaccine study

NanoPass Technologies, Ltd., an Israeli vaccine delivery solutions developer, announced a collaboration on Monday with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on a Phase III polio vaccine trial in infants.

The Phase III, open-label, randomized clinical trial taking place in Southeast Asia will compare immune responses in infants after they receive one of five different combinations of polio vaccines delivered as oral drops or injections into the muscle or the skin. Two vaccine regimens will include a low 20 percent dose vaccine delivered intradermally with the MicronJet device.

NanoPass developed the MicronJet, a microneedle-based device for intradermal delivery of drugs and vaccines. The device has been approved for marketing in multiple territories including the U.S. and for use by healthcare professionals for intradermal delivery.

"We are delighted to support CDC as part of NanoPass's long term commitment to global health," Yotam Levin, the CEO of NanoPass, said. "We see an important opportunity for significantly reducing the dose of vaccination and hence its cost, by combining our device approach with polio vaccines. We will continue to provide access to our technology to public and private vaccine developers for global health applications, as we have to date with some of our partners including the Infectious Disease Research Institute. The MicronJet600 device is the shortest microneedle device presently registered with (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration), and since it is about half a millimeter long it is applicable for infants as well as adults."

Prior to the development of vaccines, poliomyelitis was the world's leading cause of permanent disability. While injected inactivated poliovirus is needed globally to achieve worldwide polio eradication, it is not affordable for most of the developing world. Intradermal delivery could significantly reduce the dose required for vaccine to reduce cost and increase the affordability of the vaccines.

NanoPass is also involved in a polio study with 231 HIV positive adults and recently assisted in a Phase I pandemic flu study sponsored by Medicago and IDRI.