Biogenics Research Chamber expands San Antonio allergy research facility

Biogenics Research Chamber, the only large, permanent pollen exposure chamber in the U.S., broke ground on an extension on Thursday to expand the unique San Antonio-based allergy testing facility.

The extension will give the facility enhanced capacity for simultaneous testing of more participants and broader capabilities for therapeutic testing. The 5,400 square foot facility will include eye examination rooms, a specialty chamber and a large allergy exposure chamber.

"It is amazing to think that we have outgrown our existing chambers in just three short years," Robert Jacobs, the founder and co-owner of Biogenics Research Chamber. "We are excited to be the U.S. leaders in this area of research."

Biogenics Research Chamber opened in 2010 in the Medical Center of San Antonio. The facility has worked on projects such as vaccine trials, pharmaceutical trials and scientific studies based on determining the genetics and mechanisms of allergies.

The expanded facility will deal with the challenges of seasonal pollens, in addition to year-round allergy-provoking agents like cat dander and dust mites. The specialty chamber will allow the facility to test novel agents for non-allergic respiratory and eye conditions.

The facility performs dose-ranging, proof of concept and onset of action studies for pharmaceutical and vaccine trials. Companies can use the facility to test new products while shortening medication and vaccine development times.