FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

UNAIDS commends Rwanda on successes against HIV prevalence

UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé recently congratulated the Rwandan government on its HIV response progress and movement towards reaching its global HIV goals.

Sidibé commended Rwanda President Kagame on the progress the country has made on its HIV prevention programs. Rwanda has increased its preventative methods from mother-to-child transmission to 91% and its antiretroviral coverage to 87%; the country is on its way to achieving national and global HIV goals.

Sidibé and President Kagame also discussed Rwanda's role in strides against HIV on the entire continent through the African Union's Roadmap on Shared Responsibility and Global Solidarity. The initiative looks at what long-term and sustainable infrastructure can be developed to achieve a decrease in the prevalence of HIV in Africa.

Sidibé and First Lady Jeanette Kagame also spoke about the Imbuto Foundation, which the First Lady created in 2007, and its HIV programs. Sidibé talked with the couple about how to reach the youth, as they are increasingly interconnected with social media and it is important to see them active in health programs.