Canadian community pharmacies commit to work with government

Community pharmacies committed on Friday to work with the government of Ontario to implement strategic improvements that enhance access to patient care while managing healthcare costs.

Ontario Minister of Finance Charles Sousa recently tabled a budget that contained healthcare savings and reflected collaborative efforts between the government of Ontario and Canada's broader pharmacy community. By working together, the government and community pharmacies can improve the access patients have to proper care at the right time and in the right place.

"Leaders from across the broader pharmacy community are committed to working with the government of Ontario to ensure that we are making the best use of Canada's most accessible healthcare centers and Canada's most trusted health care professionals - the pharmacy and the pharmacist," Denise Carpenter, the president and CEO of the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores, said.

Carpenter said the savings announced by Minister Sousa were achieved through the collaborative development of drug reimbursement strategies.

"We look forward to a continued role in helping (Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Deb Matthews) and health officials design new approaches to the delivery of patient care in the pharmacy," Carpenter said. "This approach will ensure significant healthcare savings; help Ontarians manage chronic conditions; prevent costly and life threatening adverse drug reactions; and help make sure that patients have access to the right medication, at the right time, at the right price."

Canada's community pharmacies recently launched a collaborative initiative meant to outline innovative strategies that could save governments an estimated $8.5 billion to $11 billion over three years on affordable care.

"We look forward to ongoing collaboration with (Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne), Minister Sousa, and Minister Matthews as we do our part to enhance patient care and manage cherished health care dollars," Carpenter said.