SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Ainsworth allegedly touts sugar pills as homeopathic vaccines in U.K.

Yourwellness Magazine recently reported U.K. homeopathic pharmacy Ainsworths allegedly labeled sugar pills as vaccines for childhood ailments.

Recent outbreaks of whooping cough in the United Kingdom the past year have claimed the lives of 13 infants, which is the worst outbreak of the disease since the 1980s. This has caused investigations of vaccines.

"Amongst the remedies labelled were Meningitis Vac Hib, Measles Vaccine, Rubella Vaccine, Pertussin and Pertussis Vaccine, which is the scientific name for whooping cough, hence the government's medicines regulator stepped in," Yourwellness Magazine said. "The findings also included evidence that the company's owner, Anthony Pinkus, was prepared to recommend homeopathic pills to parents as an alternative to the whooping cough vaccination."

Because of the investigation, Ainsworths has been told to stop labeling their products as vaccines.

"Homeopaths say some sort of "energy" stimulates the body to heal itself," Professor Edzard Ernst, an expert on complementary medicine, said. "That is a very nice theory but it's not supported by any clinical evidence and the clinical trials don't support it either. One of these products is to protect or to treat meningitis. That is a condition that is potentially fatal. Ineffective treatment for fatal disease is life-threatening."