MEDICC publishes issue on Cuban healthcare

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba published a MEDICC Review journal issue on Thursday based on matters related to Cuban primary healthcare.

The issue, entitled "Learning from Cuban Primary Health Care," includes feature articles, original research and commentary from Cuban health professionals in Cuba's primary healthcare network. The majority of health problems in Cuba are resolved by universal healthcare. The care is based on prevention and is delivered by neighborhood doctor and nurse teams and community polyclinics.

"As implementation of the Affordable Care Act begins, proven strategies for promoting good health while keeping down costs will be critical; examples from other countries, including Cuba, can provide valuable lessons," Gail Reed, the executive editor of MEDICC Review, said. "Cuba's community-centered, preventive, primary care approach helps it achieve health indicators on par with developed nations, including our own, at a much lower cost. Yet, as reflected in our pages, there is more to do, and much more to be researched and published."

The journal issue includes articles on the elimination of polio in Cuba, raising the profile of Cuba's nursing profession, predicting diabetes risk in primary care and the lack of publishing in Cuban research in primary healthcare.

MEDICC Review is the only English-language journal that focuses on Cuban health and medicine.