MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

ShelterBox reaffirms support to end malaria

ShelterBox, an international disaster relief organization, announced on World Malaria Day last Thursday that it will continue to provide equipment to protect families from malaria.

ShelterBox provides support to victims of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis and conflicts. The victims of these disasters are given stoves, blankets, water filtration systems and other tools to help.

Malaria is a consistent problem in many countries. Scientists have struggled to make affordable, easily transportable drugs to combat the disease.

In areas where malaria is prevalent, ShelterBox also provides mosquito nets. Prevention is an important part to stopping malaria, and has become a popular choice among the humanitarian community due to rising drug costs.

"After extensive research, we chose the PermaNet 2.0, due to its long-lasting effects on malaria mosquitos and other vector-borne diseases," Alf Evans, ShelterBox operations manager, said. "There is no chance a mosquito can get through the net, no matter how hard it tried."

PermaNet 2.0 malaria nets are coated with mosquito repellent. The chemical used, deltamethrin, is slow acting, which prevents the net from requiring further treatment or coating once it is opened