SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

New pediatric vaccine approved in Europe

Sanofi Pasteur announced on April 22 that its pediatric vaccine Hexyon/Hexacima was approved by the European Commission.

Hexacima is the only fully liquid vaccine that contains six different vaccines in one shot. The combination of six different vaccines reduces the number of injections that an infant must go through, which helps avoid complications and possible infections.

Diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, pertussis, Hepatitis B and poliomyelitis are immunized through a Hexacima vaccination.

"Hexyon/Hexacima ready-to-use, 6-in-1 pediatric vaccine will raise the standard of care of vaccination for millions of children," President and CEO of Sanofi Pasteur Olivier Charmeil said. "It reduces the number of vaccination visits for infants and it is more convenient for parents to complete the recommended vaccination schedule and thus better protect their children against six major childhood diseases. We will introduce Hexyon/Hexacima vaccine in countries that are looking for improved and effective solutions for public immunization programs."

The EC's decision to approve the new vaccine came after clinical studies were conducted on over 5,000 infants. The vaccine will be launched to global markets under the name Hexaxim.

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, is a company that makes vaccines, drugs and other pharmaceutical products. The company recently pledged $1.7 billion worth of oral polio vaccines to the WHO for the cause of wiping out polio.