New case of avian influenza confirmed

A new case of avian flu in China was recently confirmed by the Taipei Centres for Disease Control.

The CDC confirmed the newest case of avian flu, or H7N9, infection Wednesday in a 53-year old man working in Jiangsu. The man lives in Shanghai and when he returned home from work became ill on the 12th of April, according to the World Health Organization.

The Avian Flu has infected 109 humans thus far, with the total death toll at 22. To date, an FDA-approved vaccine is in development but not yet available to the public.

Preventative methods continue to be taken by authorities to control the bird-borne illness. Poultry farms are being closely monitored and those in close contact with poultry farms and markets have been cautioned.

Authorities are also investigating the initial spread of disease to discover a way to control the outbreak amongst domesticated birds and humans. It is believed that more infections have occurred among people that may not be able to afford a hospital visit.

No cases of human-to-human contraction have been confirmed to-date, although officials are keeping a watchful eye on this possibility. The WHO has not recommended special testing or travel restrictions, although it may if the virus continues to spread.

An investigation team that went to Shanghai and Beijing to assess the avian influenza outbreak will be making recommendations to the National Health and Family Planning Commission in the near future.