Baxter International presents data on Lyme disease vaccine research

Baxter International, Inc., a manufacturer of products which fight various infectious diseases and sicknesses, presented data on April 24 that showed the results of phase I/II data that evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of its Lyme disease vaccine candidate.

The results were presented at the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases 16th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research in Baltimore, Md.

Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks of the Borrelia burgdorferi variety in the northern hemisphere. There are more than 90,000 cases of Lyme disease reported each year, and many infections go unreported due to sketchy symptoms that could be passed off as the flu.

Baxter's Lyme disease vaccine was developed to target specific immune functions and protect against transmission of the disease. The trial measured whether the vaccine could sponsor immunogenicity in human patients. The vaccine was injected into 300 healthy adults who showed only mild adverse reactions to the vaccinations.

''Our candidate Lyme disease vaccine is a great example of innovation in exploring new ways to prevent disease through our vaccine technology,'' Noel Barrett, vice president of research and development at Baxter, said. ''Based on the results of this study, we are fully committed to further investigating the candidate vaccine in larger populations.''