New type of antibiotics fight mutated bacteria

Scientists recently reported a new antibiotic that is capable of fighting bacteria that has become immune to normal antibiotics and sterilization methods.

The new strain of antibiotic is not a traditional antibiotic, but rather a synthetic colloid particle. The colloid particles are capable of determining a bacteria by its shape and deactivating it before it can do any damage.

"We anticipate that similar shape selective colloid antibodies can potentially become a powerful weapon in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria," the researchers said. "They can also find applications as non-toxic antibacterial agents, preventing growth of harmful bacteria in various formulations."

Scientists have struggled with bacteria capable of mutating and ignoring typical antibiotics and sterilization techniques. Such bacteria has caused numerous problems in hospitals, resulting in some strains feared to be the next pandemic.

The new type of antibiotic is being referred to as a colloid antibiotic. A colloid is a substance where tiny particles of one material are dispersed through another material. Experiments show that colloid antibiotics will only harm the bacteria and leave other cells intact.