AHF announces free meningitis vaccination after two lives were lost

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced on Tuesday that it has will administer free bacterial meningitis vaccinations for persons that are at-risk or believe to have been exposed to the bacteria, after two men in California died from the disease in December.

Rjay Spoon, a 30-year-old homosexual male from Los Angeles and another male student at San Diego State University died in late December from acute Neisseria Meningitis. These were part of the recent outbreaks of meningitis among men-who-have-sex-with-men.

In response to MSM outbreaks, the AHF announced that it would be administering the meningitis vaccine at its pharmacies in Hollywood and West Hollywood for free to people that are at-risk or believe to have been exposed to the infection.

The method for treatment and prevention of bacterial meningitis involves one vaccination for an uninfected individual and one vaccination plus a booster administered eight weeks later for an infected person.

Meningitis is defined by the World Health Organization as an inflammation of the membranes lining of the brain and spinal cord. It can cause a range of symptoms in infected victims, such as fever, headaches, permanent hearing loss, mental retardation and death.