Kinsa presents smartphone thermometer at DEMO Mobile 2013

Technology and health startup Kinsa announced that it would demonstrate its smartphone-connected Kinsa Smart Thermometer at DEMO Mobile 2013 in San Francisco.

The medical device uses its mobile connectivity to enhance its standard features. Using a free accompanying Kinsa mobile app, thermometer users can track their illness history, view the health weather in the local area and access tools to manage and plan around their illness. One app feature called Kinsa Groups lets users see what illnesses are going around in the community.

"I am incredibly excited about what we are doing at Kinsa," Inder Singh, Kinda's founder and CEO, said. "Just imagine what we could do if we could detect the spread of illnesses in real-time. The data that one person provides could be the key in detecting the spread of flu or any number of other worse contagious illnesses, and lead to interventions that save lives."

The cost of the device is similar to most current non-connected thermometers. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer connects to phones via the headphone jack. Kinsa anticipates the thermometer will be available to the public later in 2013 after it receives FDA approval.

Singh began Kinsa in March in an effort to provide widespread access to better health information. Kinsa also announced the launch of an Indiegogo crowd fundraising campaign to increase public support of the startup.

"I am thrilled that there has been such a positive response to our approach from entrepreneurs and experts in health and technology, but real proof will come when parents begin using the product and getting their friends to use it too," Singh said. "The most important thing to a parent is the health of their children and we want to help them keep their children healthier. We hope they will embrace it."

The DEMO conferences are produced by the IDG Enterprise events group to focus on emerging technologies and new product innovations.