TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

Immunovaccine receives contribution to develop RSV vaccine

Immunovaccine, Inc., a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based vaccine development company, announced on Tuesday that it received a contribution worth up to $407,700 to develop a vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus.

The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program provided the financial contribution to advance Immunovaccine's RSV program and formulate RSV antigens using the company's DepoVax vaccine adjuvanting technology. RSV is a common lung disease in the elderly, children and in patients with compromised immune systems.

"There is no vaccine currently available to protect against this disease. It is second only to influenza as a killer of vulnerable people, taking an estimated 160,000 lives around the world each year," John Trizzino, the chief executive officer of Immunovaccine, said. "We are grateful to the IRAP Industrial Technology Advisors for being proactive in working with our company to assist in identifying and supporting research that is directed to the most technically challenging aspects of new product development. We very much appreciate that IRAP recognizes the value in this research and is providing essential non-dilutive funding to help advance this important program."

DepoVax is a formulation developed to provide prolonged and controlled exposure of antigens plus adjuvant to the immune system. Preclinical research showed the ability of DepoVax to generate robust and rapid immune responses to protect against infectious diseases.

The funding will allow Immunovaccine to prepare for the first human trial of its DepoVax platform technology for infectious diseases. Immunovaccine previously completed Phase I clinical trials with an animal vaccine for use in cattle and two cancer vaccines.

The animal vaccine is expected to move into commercial production some time in 2014.