Phase 2a data shows positive results for elderly-focused flu vaccine

Immune Targeting Systems Limited recently announced that its pan-strain influenza A T-Cell vaccine Flunisyn showed positive results in elderly-focused Phase 2a trials.

The need for this new kind of vaccine came after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced in February that this season's flu vaccine was only 9 percent effective in people over the age of 65.

Flunisyn is a vaccine that stimulates growth of T-cells, which helps in the body's natural defense against the flu. This is unlike most other vaccines that introduce an antibody. Not only does this make Flunisyn more effective than most current flu vaccines, it also makes it more effective against varying strains of flu.

"Flunisyn represents a real breakthrough - a vaccine that does not need to be re-manufactured each flu season to match circulating strains of influenza virus and because of its synthetic design the vaccine can be produced in quantities to protect the global population," ITS R&D Director Campbell Brunce said.

The trials showed the elderly who were given Flunisyn responded with a 95 percent frequency. The patients were also given a usual flu vaccine, and it was found that Flunisyn did not hurt the antibody response that comes from the usual flu vaccine.