SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

CPhA and PEPID Canada partner to assist healthcare providers

PEPID Canada, a clinical decision support services company, and the Canadian Pharmacists Association, a nonprofit pharmacist advocacy organization, recently partnered to offer better access to information for healthcare providers.

PEPID Canada and CPhA worked together to ensure that CPhA's bilingual medical and drug database would be integrated into all healthcare information systems to meet the needs of healthcare providers.

"It's all about giving healthcare providers the information and tools they need to help Canadians," James de Gaspé Bonar, the senior director of digital publishing solutions at CPhA, said. "We're excited this partnership with PEPID Canada gives us new ways to do that. We are leveraging PEPID Canada expertise in clinical decision support technology with our bilingual therapeutic and drug information to create integrated resources that are easily accessible."

The drug and therapeutic knowledge base for healthcare information systems will be completely integrated into print, online and mobile formats to make sure it is accessible to healthcare providers at point-of-care.

"We are proud to partner with CPhA, Canada's leading publisher of drug and unbiased therapeutic information," John Wagner, the chairman of PEPID Canada, said. "This partnership is significant; 50 years of expertise intertwine with cutting edge technology in the hands of health care providers across Canada could potentially translate into a quantifiable improvement in patient care and a reduction in errors for all Canadians. Working together, we will equip health care providers with integrated resources that can be accessed online or from any mobile device, to help improve health care at the bedside."

PEPID Canada provides technology to deliver resources specific for healthcare professionals including EMTs, nurses, doctors and students.