MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Additional human cases of influenza A confirmed in China

The National Health and Family Planning Commission notified the WHO on April 15 of an additional nine laboratory-confirmed cases of humans infected with influenza A, also known as H7N9.

The latest laboratory confirmed cases come after a string of reports confirming humans in China have been infected with influenza A. Most recently, four cases were confirmed in Zhejiang, three in Shanghai and two in Jiangsu.

Influenza A has been laboratory-confirmed in a total of 60 patients. There have been 13 deaths so far and over a 1000 close contacts of people with confirmed cases of Influenza A are being monitored for symptoms.

Investigations of the sources of infection are being conducted. Until the source is found, it is expected there will be further cases of human infection in China.

The WHO has not advised special screening for Influenza A and does not recommend any travel or trade restrictions.