MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

TriMed Technologies' e-Medsys EHR helps contain costs of vaccination

TriMed Technologies, a leading provider of physician based healthcare information software, released findings on April 15 that suggested use of the e-Medsys EHR tightens immunization management costs and helps practices retain profitability.

Immunization is an important part of public health and safety, but the costs to purchase and administer necessary vaccines is a financial liability for pediatric and family physicians. The CDC said that since 1995, the total cost to vaccinate an otherwise healthy child has increased more than 600 percent.

Because of the growing costs and lack of enough reimbursement, some groups have discontinued vaccinating their patients.

"There is no bigger expense with a lower return on investment for a medical practice than immunizations," Robert Lamberts, a physician, said. "In fact, you can even lose money giving vaccines."

The e-Medsys EHR and product suite can automate some tasks that had to be done by hand, like attaching proper CPT codes. One Florida based office used e-Medsys and saw an annual labor reduction totaling $184,800.

"It's important that we help pediatricians and family practitioners solve this business problem," Jim Cropp, CEO at TriMed Technologies, said. "Our partnership with physicians insists that we deliver products and services that help balance the equation of time, money, and risk. Our e-Medsys product suite, including e-Medsys EHR focuses on these issues."