MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Synbiosis announces successful use of vaccine development aid

Synbiosis announced on Thursday that its automated colony counter ProtoCOL 3 is being used successfully at ImmunoBiology, Ltd., to speed up testing throughput of their bacterial meningitis vaccines.

ProtoCOL 3 is used by scientists at ImmBio to count colonies of Neisseria meningitides. The device plays an intricate role in analyzing the efficiency of ImmBio bacterial meningitis vaccines.

ImmBio Laboratory Head Claire Entwisle was excited for the new technology, since it saves a significant amount of time on weekly counts of 84,000 colonies. Immbio opted for the technology after seeing the system at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control and finding that the system comes with software to analyze SBA plates.

"That's when we saw the ProtoCOL software and knew this would help us speed up our testing efforts," Entwisle said.

The software has helped ImmBio be more efficient in the counting of meningitis colonies, but future efforts will expand beyond that.

"We are so pleased with the way the ProtoCOL 3 performs that we even intend to use it in future for the more difficult application of counting Streptococcus pneumoniae colonies on blood agar plates as we know that the lighting options on the ProtoCOL 3 will allow us to distinguish and count the almost opaque red colonies on a red background," Entwisle said.