SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Vaccine for China flu ready for testing

Bioradar UK, Ltd., and Replikins, Ltd., announced on Tuesday that a new synthetic vaccine which protects against the H7N9 avian, or China, flu is ready for testing .

The H7N9 flu emerged in China this past month and is found in wild birds, and more recently, domesticated pigeons in bird markets in China. There is currently no approved H7N9 vaccine on the market

The H7N9 Replikins Vaccine is synthetic and produced without any biological substances. It will be used without adjuvants, which was found to be effective in Replikins' H5N1 vaccine.

There have been 28 cases of humans infected with the virus near Shanghai; eight of these infections proved to be fatal. Over 600 people are estimated to have had close contact with the infected population, and the Chinese government is monitoring them closely. The virus is bird-borne and has showed no signs of being transmitted from human-to-human contact.

The majority of the casualties resulting from an H7N9 infection have been over 50 years old. A 25-year-old female, however, is also in critical condition in Jiangsu.