FDA requests budget of $4.7 billion to ensure food safety

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has requested a budget of $4.7 billion to protect and promote the public health as part of the 2014 budget.

Of the requested $4.7 billion, industry leaders would fund 94 percent of the proposed budget increase. The budget increase includes new fees to support the Food Safety Modernization Act and strengthen the FDA's ability to oversee imported food.

The budget increase would also support programs necessary to preserve the safety of medical products and meet the agency's growing responsibilities. This budget does include cuts, however, and would take a $15 million decrease in the authority for human drug, biologics and medical device programs.

"These are tight budget times, and the FDA budget request reflects this reality," Margaret A. Hamburg, Commissioner of Food and Drugs, said. "Our budget increases are targeted to strategic areas that will benefit patients and consumers and overall strengthen our economy."

The budget goes over the following areas: food and drug safety inspections in China, medical countermeasures initiative, transforming food safety and White Oak consolidation.

"Through the good work of the FDA, Americans will receive life-saving medicines approved as fast as or faster than anywhere in the world, confidence in the medical products they rely on daily, and a food supply that is among the safest in the world," Hamburg said.