TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

GE Foundation broadens promise to increase access to healthcare

GE Foundation recently expanded its GE's Developing Health U.S. program by launching new pilot programs in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Loiusville.

The GE Foundation is now partnering with local non-government run organizations in each city. Each program will address region-specific issues like heart disease, childhood immunization, patient compliance and retention, diabetes and asthma.

"GE recognizes there is a critical need in the U.S. healthcare system and Developing Health seeks to fill the gap in access to quality care for underserved communities," Bob Corcoran, president of GE Foundation, said. "With the help of health centers and key community partners, these grants will help to break down barriers to access and reduce the suffering of families dealing with chronic and too often debilitating disease."

The expansion is being built on the work of local GE teams that have partnered with designated health centers. The GE teams offer skill-based volunteer support and have given more than 93,000 hours to the effort.

With more than 60 million Americans lacking adequate access to primary care in their communities, the GE Foundation launched GE's Developing Health in 2009 to help cities where GE has a significant business presence. As of 2013, the program has reached more than 30 cities and has given a total investment of $37.4 million.