MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

Smart cabinets change pharmaceutical processes

CoreRFID, a UK electronic identification systems specialty company, has partnered with Terso, a US technology company, to bring Terso's management and distribution of pharmaceutical products to the U.K with the smart cabinet.

Smart cabinets store pharmaceuticals, medical tests, bio-banks and medical supplies. They are equipped with software that monitors the inventory of the goods, as well as when they are removed and by whom.

The technology used Radio Frequency Identification tags on all of the products and readers are installed inside the cabinet to automatically monitor the inventory every time it is opened. This information can be uploaded into an already-existing inventory program for seamless integration.

These features increase safety and tracking of confidential information, such as medical tests. This technology can also potentially increase revenue for pharmacies, since they can be more efficient when reordering supplies if they know the exact inventory of supplies.

CoreRFID is in charge of selling and installing the cabinets. Terso's cloud-based software also comes with the purchase, as a consumer-centric idea to eliminate the need to purchase new, expensive software and to make installation and usage as easy as possible.

The cabinets are currently available in many different sizes; some also include a refrigerator or freezer option.