FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Zimbabwe reports 42 cases of typhoid in Mbare

Health officials in Zimbabwe reported 42 cases of typhoid in early March in the city of Mbare following a week of interrupted water supplies.

Prosper Chonzi, the health services director, said the cases occurred in the week ending March 3 when water taps ran dry. Authorities were unable to pump water into the reservoirs from boreholes. This gave residents no other option than resorting to the use of unprotected water supplies, reports.

"Our main worry was that the cases were concentrated in one area - Mbare - and they peaked in one week when there was no water supplies," Chonzi said, reports.

Chonzi said the number of cases went down since clean water supply was restored to the area.

Electricity was also down during the same period.

Residents of Harare, Zimbabwe's capital city, and nearby suburbs like Mbare, are dealing with intermittent water supplies and the breakdown of most community boreholes. The resulting poor sanitation and inadequate water supplies lead to diarrheal diseases like typhoid and cholera.

Zimbabwe reported three cases of cholera in Beitbridge, one of which was confirmed. The case marks the first cholera case in Zimbabwe since the start of 2013, reports.