Flu trends downward in U.S. but lingers in mid-Atlantic states

While influenza is down nationwide in the U.S., the disease is lingering in the mid-Atlantic states, according to the weekly flu report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the report for the week ending March 9, influenza activity remained elevated in the U.S., but flu activity decreased in most areas, UPI reports.

Pediatricians in Syracuse, N.Y. said a significant number of children with flu presented last week after a couple of months with very little activity, according to UPI.

Vicki Kistler, the director of the Allentown Health Bureau in Allentown, Pa., said the flu was peaking in the region and noroviruses and other bugs were up as well, UPI reports.

In Pennsylvania, 174 people died this season from flu-related complications, including a 31-year-old nursing student.

During the week ending on March 9, eight states reported widespread influenza activity, 19 states and Puerto Rico reported regional influenza activity, 17 states and the District of Columbia reported local influenza activity and six states reported sporadic influenza activity.

New York City and five states dealt with moderate influenza-like illness activity: Virginia, Texas, New Jersey, Mississippi and Maryland. Twelve states reported low influenza-like illness activity while the rest of the states experienced minimal influenza-like illness.

The CDC reported 12 pediatric deaths during the week, which raised the total influenza-related pediatric deaths for the season to 90, according to UPI.