Novavax, ICGEB and CPLB collaboration honored for malaria vaccine progress

Novavax, Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, announced on Friday that its collaboration to develop a novel malaria vaccine in India recently received an award from the Vaccine World Summit India 2013 conference.

The competitive award for Most Promising Vaccine for Emerging Disease in India recognized progress made by Novavax, the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Biologicals. The award was one of five inaugural awards to honor achievements in India's vaccine industry.

"We thank our industry peers for honoring this important work and congratulate our colleagues in India for their outstanding progress toward the development of an effective malaria vaccine," Stanley Erck, the president and CEO of Novavax, said. "Malaria remains a major public health problem in many parts of the tropical world and we are committed to identifying a safe and effective vaccine that can prevent its spread and devastating effects."

The three entities established the collaboration in 2012 to combine Novavax's advanced vaccine technology with the vaccine manufacturing capability of CPLB and the malaria vaccine research capabilities of ICGEB.

"The technology from Novavax has allowed us to explore a novel delivery platform to develop malaria vaccines and the initial results from pre-clinical studies are exciting," Virander Chauhan, the director of ICGEB, said.

The project is being managed by the New Delhi-based Malaria Vaccine Development Program and funded by India's Department of Biotechnology Vaccine Grand Challenge Program.