AmVac AG publishes preclinical data on RSV vaccine

AmVac AG recently announced new preclinical data on its vaccine candidate AMV602 for the prevention of infections caused by respiratory syncytial virus.

The company selected the AMV602 candidate last fall as the most promising for more development.

RSV expert Grazia Cusi and a team at the University of Siena - Italy, through preclinical studies, confirmed the candidate's safety and efficacy and found that even reduced doses of AMV602 triggered effective immune protection against RSV.

The team also expanded database concerning the vaccine's therapeutic mode of action.

"This mode of action clearly differentiates our vaccine from other development projects in this field. It is the likely explanation for the unique combination of safety and efficacy," AmVac CEO Melinda Karpati said. "This makes us confident that we will be able to protect premature babies, infants and other risk groups from RSV infections in the foreseeable future. Recent outbursts of RSV in a number of hospitals have dramatically shown how threatening the infection can be in these individuals."

RSV is one of the most common causes of bronchiolitis and pneumonia, as well as a leading cause of childhood hospitalization around the world. Premature babies are particularly susceptible to the disease, as are children with health conditions and the elderly.