SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Nigeria state more than doubles polio vaccination teams for upcoming campaign

A Nigerian medical board in Jigawa State recently announced plans to increase the number of polio-vaccination teams it supports by approximately 2,000.

The Jigawa State Gunduma Health System Board said it will increase the number of teams it plans to use to administer the second round of oral polio vaccine from 767 to 2,922. It hopes to immunize approximately 1.3 million children against the paralyzing childhood illness in 2013, according to

Deputy Governor Alhaji Ahmed Mahmud, who is also the chairman of the Jigawa's Mobilization Committee on Immunization, said the increase is part of the government's commitment to ensure the success of polio eradication in Nigeria and throughout the world.

Mahmud made the announcement while delivering the closing speech of a polio immunization exercise held at a local council in Kanyababba. He said the increase in the number of teams would make it easier to reach the target population. The deputy governor said that there has not been a confirmed case of polio in the state for over two years, according to

"This is the result of policies and program of the administration in the health sector aimed at the eradication of polio and other preventable diseases," Mahmud said, reports.