SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Head of UN development program speaks about MDGs

Helen Clark, the administrator of the United Nations Development Program, recently spoke in Bogota, Colombia, at the 2013 Global Millennium Development Goals Conference.

Clark began her speech by thanking the government of Colombia for its support of the conference and its commitment to the advancement of sustainable human development. She said that those who were able to attend the conference represented a large portion of the practical knowledge accumulated on achieving the MGDs since 2000.

"The aim of this Conference is to share experiences on what works, and motivate all participants to return to their MDG work determined to use every last minute remaining until the end of 2015 focused on achieving the goals and targets. 31 December 2015 is little more than 1,000 days away, so there is no time to lose," Clark said.

Clark said that the United Nations is facilitating national level dialogues already scheduled or held in 74 countries and has developed 11 consultations on themes ranging from health and education to equality, governance, energy, environment and conflict and security.

"But meanwhile we can't lose sight of the MDGs we have," Clark said. "Everything learned from what it takes to achieve them is relevant to throwing ourselves behind the global development agenda which follows. It has never been more important to have robust evidence of what makes the MDGs work."