FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Cholera outbreak kills at least seven in Nigeria

A recent outbreak of cholera in Kula Kingdom, Nigeria, claimed the lives of at least seven children, and residents fear that they may have been abandoned by the government to their fate.

Oni, a resident of the affected community, said that multiple logistical problems inhibit the general welfare of the area. The oil-rich kingdom, which is dotted with the oil wells and flow stations of five multi-national oil companies, has a poor sanitary system and a lack of potable water, reports.

"Government has forgotten us in developmental matters," Oni said, according to "This is not the first time there would be an outbreak of this ailment and other diseases in the vicinity and each time it happens, we report to the relevant authorities to come to our aid, but it has been to no avail."

Pauline, another local resident, said that despite the size of Kula, the area contained no hospital, no potable water and poor road conditions. She said pregnant women in the area must go to great lengths to obtain healthcare.

"In most cases, women in labor die in the process of going to the LGA headquarters and question the rationale behind the exclusion of building a primary health center in the Kingdom since the Rivers State government embarked on building health centers in the communities," Pauline said, according to

The residents are urging the government and the multi-national companies operating in the area to help them with good sanitation, potable water and other important amenities, reports.