Oral cancer treatment shows success in Phase I/II trials

VAXIMM AG, a Swiss-German biotech company specializing in oral cancer vaccines, recently announced that Phase I/II dose escalation clinical trials for its cancer vaccine, VXM01, demonstrated the drug's safety and tolerability.

The study, named VXM01-01-DE, gave 45 patients with pancreatic cancer from the Heidelberg University Hospital either several doses of VXM01 or a placebo. The patients all received standard-of-care treatment, according to

The trial results indicated that the vaccine, which targets the tumor vasculature, was both safe and well-tolerated. Dose-limiting toxicities were not observed. The trial also revealed that the vaccine met specific T-cell response and tumor perfusion change endpoints. After receiving VXM01, a quarter of the patients showed increased T-cell immune response.

VAXIMM AG plans to offer more specific details from the trail at upcoming scientific meetings and through publications in peer-reviewed journals.

"We are delighted to see that VXM01 was safe and well tolerated in the patients we treated," Dr. Hubertus Schmitz-Winnenthal, the principal investigator of the study, said, reports. "We are especially excited about the encouraging data observed in the two key secondary endpoints. The vaccine seems to be able to induce and enhance the VEGFR-2 specific T-cell response and to impact tumor perfusion in a good proportion of treated patients."