FluGen reports high level of influenza protection for REDEE FLU

FluGen scientists presented data demonstrating influenza protections from the company's REDEE FLU vaccine at the recent World Health Organization's influenza vaccine meeting in Hong Kong.

"Our technology introduces a live virus that cannot replicate, but triggers a robust immune response that ensures broad protection," FluGen Chief Scientific Officer Pamuk Bilsel said, according to "And our vaccine is delivered nasally, so we should see increased compliance from those who fear needles."

REDEE FLU has shown protection against H5N1 bird flu and H3N2 swine flu, for which it was designed, as well as for several that it was not, known as vaccine mismatches, reports.

Vaccine mismatches frequently contribute to a recurring public health problem, reducing the effectiveness of influenza vaccination programs.

REDEE FLU, however, with its ability to combat mismatches, could dramatically improve the effectiveness of global vaccination initiatives and the world's population health.

"At FluGen, our one and only focus is vaccine efficacy," Paul Radspinner, FluGen's president and CEO, said, according to "If REDEE FLU continues to show the universal coverage it has demonstrated to date, it may be possible to take one dose every three to five years to protect against a wide variety of influenza strains and subtypes. Until REDEE FLU's broader protection is available individuals should continue to receive current vaccines."