Mongolia holds meeting on sustainable immunization financing

Mongolia recently held its first national parliamentary briefing on sustainable immunization financing, discussing how best to finance immunizations after funding from the GAVI Alliance ends.

Members of Mongolia's parliament, officials from the Ministry of Health and officials from other government departments attended the conference. SIF Senior Program Office Khongorzul Dari said that the meeting was a major success.

Mongolia's Vice Minister of Health opened the meeting, which included multiple presentations on immunization financing and the expanded program on immunization.

The conference received significant media attention. It was broadcast on Mongolian national news, including a special economic program that aired on Eagle TV. Information about the conference was published in the Mongol Messenger and the Ulaanbaatar Post.

The meeting was sponsored in part by theSabin Vaccine Institute, a non-profit organization made up of researchers, scientists and advocates dedicated to reducing suffering from vaccine preventable diseases. The organization works with governments, public and private organizations, and academic institutions to provide solutions to pervasive health challenges.

Mongolia has a EPI program with a long track record of successfully controlling vaccine-preventable diseases. Sabin said that the parliamentary briefing represents an important step toward achieving the goals of its SIF program to ensure that necessary measures are in place to continue all necessary immunizations in Mongolia.