CBPP vaccination program set to begin in the Gambia

The Gambia's Ministry of Agriculture recently announced that it would start a nationwide herd vaccination exercise in February against contagious bovine pleuro pneumonia.

Kebba Daffeh, the deputy director of animal health and production at the ministry, said that 400,000 cattle are expected to be vaccinated during the campaign. CBPP was last reported in the Gambia in 1971, but the disease resurfaced in August, the Daily Observer reports.

Daffeh said that the disease was reported in Niamina Dankunku in the country's Central River region. The disease killed approximately 4,000 cattle in the Upper River and Central River regions.

Approximately 60,000 vaccines were scheduled to arrive in the country last week with the rest arriving before the end of the campaign. Daffeh said the logistics have been planned for the campaign, but assistance is still needed for vaccine transportation.

CBPP is a highly contagious cattle disease that represents a serious threat to livestock. Animals infected with the disease experience breathing trouble and a high mortality rate. Between 30 to 80 percent of cattle can die from CBPP, the Daily Observer reports.

Symptoms of CBPP include lagging behind the rest of the herd, avoiding the sun by staying under shade, a shallow, dry and painful cough, standing with the head and neck extended with forelimbs spread apart, and a nasal discharge that is sometimes streaked with blood.